Idle No More App is designed to allow users to easily find, attend and plan events in the Idle NO More movement.
Create a rally in the App,
invite everyone, restore our country.

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  • Displays the rallies and events close to you.
• Tells you when the rallies are being held.
• Easily create a rally and fuel the movement.
• Contains a detailed plan of action.
• Informs you of the history of Idle No more.
Helps you understand the mission of Idle NO more.
Outstanding Natives and their contributions.
Brings you up to date news and information.
Informs about bill C-45,
Call Stephen Harper and share your thoughts
  Plus Much More...
About Us
We are 4 young men who have a desire to see a better Canada. A Canada that we grew up believing in, a Canada where human rights and the environment are respected.

Where the water is safe to drink and the fish safe to eat. Where our politicians listen to the views of all Canadians, and represent our collective desires - not just to those who donate the most to their party coffers. Where laws protect communal values, instead of private profits.

Some of our goals:
- Clean drinking water for each and every Canadian
- Remission of Bill C-45, as well as other Bills negatively impacting our environment and our future enjoyment of our lands
- End of illegitimate governance


We do have a media contact person who is available for radio, television, and newspaper interviews.
Please include "media" in the subject line and we will be in contact to arrange an interview.

Having a bug? Unfortunately we do not have over 300 different phones to test the app on, so we rely on you
If you have a bug please tell us and we will fix it for you. Please include your make and model
of your phone along with a detailed description of the problem. A photo is worth a thousand words
so screen shots are very helpful.

Please keep your comments and suggestions positive.
We really do appreciate all the emails we receive, although due to the large
volume of messages we may not be able to answer every comment.

To avoid overflowing our e-mail in box, please avoid sending us an e-mail to express thanks.
The best thanks we can receive is your support in sharing this app with your friends and colleagues.
Together we can make this movement grow into an unstoppable force.

This app was created on Squamish Nations First Nations Reservation
©Idle NO More 2013