Idle No More App is designed to allow users to easily find, attend and plan events in the Idle NO More movement.
Create a rally in the App,
invite everyone, restore our country.

Free Download, no fees.
Share it with your friends.
  • Displays the rallies and events close to you.
• Tells you when the rallies are being held.
• Easily create a rally and fuel the movement.
• Contains a detailed plan of action.
• Informs you of the history of Idle No more.
Helps you understand the mission of Idle NO more.
Outstanding Natives and their contributions.
Brings you up to date news and information.
Informs about bill C-45,
Call Stephen Harper and share your thoughts
  Plus Much More...

Thank you for interest in the Idle NO More App.
We are constantly developing this idea and are looking for your input to make it even better.
Please take the time to download the app, install it and explore it and provide us
with any positive feed back you have. What you would like to see etc...

See the location and times of the rallies. The easy to read format allows users to see an up to date list of all the events and rallies. Plan a flash mob or a rally and have thousands attend easily with the use of mobile phones.

Creating an event on the app is easy, simply create an account, login, create an appointment and let the software do the rest. Then you can promote your event by sharing it through social media.


With the one touch button, you can call stephen harper's office and tell him what you think of the job his government is doing.

We will be working hard over the next little while to add all the members of parliment to this list so you can send each of them a message.

  Coming soon in the native apps for Android and Iphone, is the ability to tell you when you are vacinity of the rallies. Using geo-location you will never miss another rally, even if you are unaware.
The software can remind you and lead you to the events and rallies.